Film Capacitors

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John Warren
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Film Capacitors

Post by John Warren » Sun Feb 11, 2018 2:54 pm

On discussions related to the sound quality of film capacitors I'd suggest to look at it from the supplier end.

Below is a list of the suppliers, world wide, that provide polymeric films to the capacitor manufacturing industry. The list, for all intents and purposes, identifies the majority of sources available to the capacitor suppliers. Virtually all certify their film materials to the same industry standards thus providing multiple sources of film to the makers. So, on any given production run, a capacitor from one supplier might contain dielectric film sourced from any "approved" source within the Quality system the capacitor manufacturer works to.

If one is to buy-into the notion that film capacitors provide some inherent sound qualities based on the dielectric characteristics of the film (soakage, soak-back), it's not too far fetched to consider that a production run of, say 1000 of XYZ capacitors contains dielectrics from more than one film supplier. Yet the discussions related to one particular brand having unique sonic characteristics over another persist even thought both use the same film sourced from the same supplier.

Anhui Higasket Plastics
Shanghai Xishu
Shin-Etsu Film
Sichuan EM
SKC Films
Teijin Du Pont
Tianjin Wanhua
Toray Industries
Wenling Global Plastics
North Reading Engineering
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Re: Film Capacitors

Post by codewritinfool » Sat Mar 31, 2018 5:27 pm

I have a set of modded Klipsch Type AA crossovers that I'm getting ready to put into some La Scala splits I'm refurbing.

I bought them used this way, and I've never seen this done on a crossover before. I'm not sure if I should just replace those caps or leave it alone. Thoughts?


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